Live Regret Free 2022!
Ever look back over your life to see where mistakes were made?Ever taken inventory and possibly made a list of[...]
Praising God through a Pandemic
As we continue on life's journey, we must remember to thank God for small victories, and to praise Him at[...]
Video: How To Not Care What People Think
Singles Step Out on Valentine’s Day was a Major Blessing! Check out pics
Singles Step Out on Valentine's Day 2020 was a Major Blessing! Guests had a wonderful time, speakers and music were[...]
Abundant Life Singles Cruise 2019 was a HUGE SUCCESS!
Check out highlight reel video from my first ever group cruise, the Abundant Life Singles Cruise which was a huge[...]
15 Reasons To Join The Abundant Life Singles Cruise
15 Reasons To Join the Abundant Life Singles Cruise (in no particular order of importance) You always wanted to go[...]
Join us on the Abundant Life Singles Cruise! Get more info and reserve your cabin here --> 
Is he the one sent by God for you? Ask yourself this
How to truly keep God first in relationships in under 60 seconds
4 Roles of Holy Spirit in Relationships
Video:  4 Roles of Holy Spirit in Relationships
3 Ways To Fight Off Feelings of Loneliness While Single
Ever wonder what to do if you feel lonely? Here are 3 ways to fight off feelings of loneliness while[...]
How singleness prepares you for marriage with Kim Brooks
Yes! Singleness prepares you for marriage.  Here's the connection:
A Panel And A Party Was A Success!
Earlier on Valentine's Day this year Kim Brooks Ministries International and Ryan Rutley's Cream of the Crop Singles Ministry hosted[...]
3 Ways God Speaks To You in Relationships
Check out the following video on 3 ways God speaks to you in relationships.  
5 Ways To Enjoy Valentine’s Day with Your Kids
5 Ways to Enjoy Valentine’s Day With Your Kids When you’re a parent, the love in your heart revolves around[...]
How To Stop Dating Time Fillers
I'll admit; I'm guilty - I've spent part of my life dating time fillers.  Thank God for deliverance!  Let my[...]
How To Avoid Dating Counterfeits
It's a New Year and time out for dating counterfeits!  Your time is too precious to wast it dating the[...]
Kim Brooks Radio Segment One Love on On Air with Ace Alexander
Announcement! Kim Brooks will be featured on a weekly nationally syndicated radio segment entitled, "One Love" encouragement for singles, during[...]
How to be led by God in Relationships in Under 60 Seconds
How to end a dead end relationship
Celebrate your freedoms today by breaking FREE from a dead end relationship.
What ‘Wait on the Lord’ Really Means for Singles
Be blessed by the following video as I share what 'wait on the Lord' really means for singles
How to handle a ‘wait’ problem
Some people have a 'wait' problem. They don't like waiting, never have liked waiting, and feel they shouldn't have to.[...]
Happy Mother’s Day Single Moms!
Wanted to share a "Happy Mother's Day!" to all the single mothers holding it down and raising mighty men of[...]
Meagan Good and DeVon Franklin Speak to Single Saved and Celibate Single Ladies on Waiting
Check out this special video message as Kim Brooks interviews Meagan Good and DeVon Franklin, authors of, "The Wait" on[...]
Burnt Toast
I hate burnt toast.  I prefer my toast on the lighter side.  I recently got a new toaster, and this[...]
New Prayer Line for Singles
I'm excited to announce a new prayer line for singles in which I, personally will pray for you and those[...]
She That Findeth Movie Trailer – based off bestselling novel
When a 35-year-old single, saved woman gets tired of waiting on God and sets out to find a husband on[...]
From Bitter to Better Love – in honor of a King
The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. once said, "Never succumb to the temptation of bitterness" It's easy to become[...]
New eBook Release…Get Over Your Ex in One Weekend
Ever wonder how to get over an ex? Ever wonder how to get closure from a relationship that didn't work[...]
How To Prepare For Marriage While Single
Today we will continue with our study of 1 Corinthians 7 and look at the next verse: There is difference[...]
Ciara Keeps Her Goodies from Quarterback, Russell Wilson Until Their Wedding Day
Seattle Seahawks Quarterback, Russell Wilson, 26, and singer/entertainer, Ciara, 29, have promised that they wouldn't have sex with each other[...]
A Single’s Response To A Pastor’s Apology To The Single Community
I just read an interesting blog post in which a pastor apologizes to the single community. Some of the things[...]
Single, Saved and Celibate
Being celibate is the new black. Whether its actress, Kendra Johnson who plays Linda, from Tyler Perry’s sitcom, Love Thy[...]
The Word Network interview with Bishop Bloomer
The following is the clip from my interview with Bishop Bloomer on his Rejoice in the Word show.  Check it[...]
Should I Be Debt Free Before Dating or Marriage?
It's often been said that before you enter a serious dating relationship, and definitely before you even consider marriage that[...]
Thank You, Mr. Wrong – Original Spoken Word Poem
Where Does Your Happiness Lie?
The Rock – Original Spoken Word Poem
Theme Song for book: How To Date and Stay Saved
Check out the music video that is the theme song for my book with the same title:    [...]
The Rock – Original Poem  
Tamera Mowry on being Abstinent Until Marriage
Should you wait until marriage before having sex?  Are people still abstinent these days?  Are there really any abstinent celebrities?[...]
Actress Meagan Good and DeVon Franklin on Abstinence until Marriage
            Check out the following video as I share actress Meagan Good and Hollywood Executive[...]
Overcome Porn Addiction
I've received emails from people confessing to a struggle many do not easily admit to - a struggle with porn addiction.[...]
The Most Powerful Word a Single Christian Can Say   Recommended Reading:  eBook, How To Date and Stay Saved 
Change Gon’ Come
Most people don't like change. Whether it's changing from having a job, to not having a job, being married, to[...]
Dispelling Myths About Being Single
Click for the following episode of the How To Date and Stay Saved Show on Dispelling Myths About Being Single:[...]
Christian Fiction Novel, She That Findeth by Kim Brooks Hit #1 on National Bestsellers List
As Reported by ATLANTA, GA, (September 2, 2014) — Bestselling authors, Tony Evans (Raising Kingdom Kids — Nonfiction) and Kim[...]
How To Know When You’ve Truly Forgiven Your Ex
httpv://   Recommended Reading:  eBook, The Little Black Survival Book for Single Saints (especially the Chapter on Forgiveness)
Tired of Being Single?
If you're tired of being single, check out the following video.  Be and STAY Encouraged! httpv:// Recommended Reading: Singles, Overcome![...]
How To Know When You’re Ready to Say, I DO
Words are powerful, yet we hear them everyday. What about your words, or, more specifically, your word, does your word[...]
How To Escape Summertime Temptations
            Listen to Audio Podcast on How To Escape Summertime Temptations from the How To[...]
Detroiter and Award-winning Author Kim Brooks Releases Much Anticipated New Novel Nationwide This Spring
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE DETROIT, MI (April 4, 2014) - An all new Christian fiction novel from author, Kim Brooks, titled She[...]
How Do You Know When You’re Ready To Date
              In the first chapter of my book, How To Date and Stay Saved, I talk[...]
How Your Husband Is Praying For You Now
As single women, sometimes we get so focused on the fact that we're praying and believing God for a mate[...]
Should Christians Use Online Dating Websites?
Recently I've been getting more and more emails from single women asking me what I think about Christian online dating[...]
How To Be a Wife Before You Meet Your Husband
Even though you're not married, it's still possible to become a wife before you say, "I Do." Scripture admonishes men in Proverbs 18:22, He[...]
Should Women Pursue Men?
Should a woman ever pursue a man?  Check out this video and leave your own comments below: httpv:// Recommended Reading:[...]
Is it a sin to masturbate?
For a while the church has remained silent on a certain topic, yet I've often heard this question asked on[...]
Is Shacking in the Bible?
The term, "shacking," has been used for decades, and it still regains a big debate within the church, especially among[...]
The Movie Baggage Claim Review
So last night I went to see the movie Baggage Claim which is about a single lady just shy of[...]
Dating and Money
In my latest book, How To Date and Stay Saved, I mention how the 2 things you need to do at all[...]
5 Ways to Prove Love Without Sex
It is possible to let someone know you love him or her without having sex. The following are 5 ways[...]
Tempted? How To Not Be Drawn Away and Enticed
Once you got saved, your spirit man received Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Savior and you became a[...]
Ladies Let’s Live! Beauty Breakfast and Fashion Show
In spite of any challenges you may face and any set backs, I commend you because instead of sinking in[...]
Service for Singles! 1st Tues. of Every Month; Join us this Tues. May 7th
Singles!  This Service is For You! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Join Licensed Minister and National Bestselling Author, Kim Brooks (He's Fine...But is He[...]
Deliverance From Egypt Type Relationships
Ever spend many nights crying over a relationship that didn't work?     Ever wonder why, what happened, where did[...]
How To Change a Man
Want to know how to change a man? The answer is, um, you can't! However, there is some good news...there[...]
It’s All The Way Live Ministry With Kim Brooks (You’re Invited!)
As we celebrate Holy Week this week, I am excited to announce live, in-person ministry services to be held once[...]
Spoken Word Poem: Thank You Mr. Wrong
You Have A Partner Right Now
Marriage is a partnership. It's a team of two people who choose to partner up with each other for a[...]
Alternative Ways To Celebrate Valentine’s Day for Singles
I would like to propose a different perspective on this whole Valentine's Day...instead of calling it Valentine's Day, let's call[...]
Is There a Book in You?
Then join me, your Christian Book Coach, on this special call on publishing so you can "give birth" to your[...]
His Footprints Never Leave
I love the poem Footprints that reminds us how God never leaves us alone and how during our most trying times He[...]
Offer God Your Best This Year
The Bible explains how brothers Cain and Abel presented their offerings unto God, however as you know Abel's offering was[...]
Ever Get Tired of Waiting?
Do you ever get tired? Tired of praying? Tired of fasting? Tired of believing? Tired of waiting? Tired of doing[...]
7 Keys To Walking in Victory This Year As A Single Believer – Blog Talk Radio
Hear the following podcast: 7 Keys To Walking in Victory This Year as a Single Believer 01/13 by Kim Brooks[...]
Happy New Year!
Happy New Year! New Beginning!  Fresh Start! I love the New Year because it signifies all that which is new[...]
How To Have Patience And Remain Content During The Holidays
Oftentimes as singles, especially as years go by and you find yourself still single, it's easy to grow impatient while[...]
How To Heal A Broken Heart
Following are 3 ways to tell if you're really over your ex-boyfriend. If you discover that you're not totally over[...]
Are You The Back Pocket Chick?
You always initiate communication - whether through a text message, Facebook message, email or phone call.He rarely communicates with you[...]
4 Ways Singles Still Can Celebrate Sweetest Day
On the east coast (and even beyond from what I've heard) today folks are celebrating the romantic holiday - Sweetest[...]
You Are Not Forgotten
I pray this song blesses and encourages you by reminding you that God has not forgotten you as you patiently[...]
How To Tell If It’s Time To End A Relationship
If you're dating someone and God is telling you to end the relationship, I don't care how long it's been[...]
Go for the Gold!
I am so proud to live in a country represented by so many champions as demonstrated in this year’s Olympics.[...]
Let’s Walk for Abstinence
Saturday, September 15, 2012 - Belle Isle Detroit, MI I have the privilege of being the official spokesperson for an[...]
Jesus Loves Singles, Too
As an author and minister on singles issues for the past 8 years, quite often I receive emails mainly from[...]
Focus On Faith
Whatever you're believing God for or looking to improve in your life personally  - whether it's your health, finances, getting[...]
Let it Be A Testimony
No matter what you may have gone through...whether heartache or headache...whether a setback or if, in life, you feel you've[...]
Sex! It’s Complicated
The following is an excerpt from my latest book, How To Date and Stay Saved (from Chapter 6 Sex!  It's Complicated): Sex outside[...]
Don’t Rock The Boat!
Though it's been over a couple weeks since I've been back from the Twenty12 Cruise, I still reflect on the[...]
Resurrection Day Audio Message For Singles
Click Link Below to Play Special Resurrection Day Message for Singles: KIM BROOKS SEGMENT FROM PRAISELUJAH RADIO SHOW - APRIL[...]
Resurrection Day Audio Msg for Singles
Click Link Below to Play Special Resurrection Day Message for Singles: KIM BROOKS SEGMENT FROM PRAISELUJAH RADIO SHOW - APRIL[...]
Facebook Breakup?
  Ever notice how as soon as someone changes their Facebook status from in a relationship to single, then next thing[...]
Why Men Marry Some Women and Not Others
Footage from Real Talk with Real Men of God Valentine's Day event sponsored in part by Truth Bookstore in Detroit[...]
Today Let’s Honor Dr. Martin Luther King and our “kings” This King Day
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. is undoubtedly one of my greatest heroes. He was a God-fearing man known for his[...]
“Who Am I To Say” – Gospel Song Encourages Single Ladies by Kim Brooks
New MUSIC Release! Gospel Song written and performed by Kim Brooks Encourages Single Ladies This Christmas December 13, 2011 The[...]
All throughout the Bible, the terms "endure" and "endurance" are stressed. The Word admonishes us, as believers, to endure hardness,[...]
How Will You Run YOUR Race?
Life is a race. Thank God that for the believer, the finish line is glory - or when we meet[...]
Gospel Speed Dating PLUS was a SUCCESS!
Guests were blessed, encouraged and had FUN on 'Sweetest Day' in Detroit! httpv:// httpv:// To book Kim to host a[...]
Come out to Gospel Speed Dating PLUS on Sweetest Day!
It's that time again!  Gospel Speed Dating PLUS...this time Bigger and BETTER than ever before!  Gospel Speed Dating, Ballroom Dancing[...]
The Flesh is a Beast!
              httpv:// Recommended Reading:  eBook, How To Date and Stay Saved  (especially the Chapter[...]
Guard The Gates
A second way to tame the flesh is to "guard the gates" more specifically the eye and ear gates.  Job[...]
Join Us on the Twenty12 Cruise!
Free Times 3 – Thank God I’m Free!
As we embark upon the weekend preceding the 4th of July, I'm reminded of the fact that this holiday is[...]
21:03 on How To Date and Stay Saved
                      httpv:// Recommended Reading:  How To Date and Stay Saved 
The Single Heart Daily Devotional’s 1-Year Annivesary Special!
httpv:// Click The Link to Take advantage of special offer:  
The Call To Serve
Today we commemorate those who served in the armed forces to help protect us and our land. We honor them[...]
Canton Jones on How To Date and Stay Saved
                    httpv:// Can't hear him on the vid?  Here's a written[...]
Satan Knows Your Weakness
You may be praying in the Spirit and going weeks without falling into sexual sin, but then the next thing[...]
Beware of the Chameleon in Christian Dating
Author Dr. Eddie Connor Jr. Interviews Kim Brooks on Relationships
Kim Wins Promotion of Abstinence Award
How To Not Slip Up and Have Sex While Dating
httpv://   Recommended Reading:  How To Date and Stay Saved   
How To Tell If You’re a Eunuch
Scripture Reference:  Matthew 19:12 Watch Video  
7 Ways To Date and ‘Stay Saved’ on Valentine’s Day
It's Valentine's Day - the day when most normally celebrate with a bouquet of roses and a box of chocolates,[...]
7 Ways To Thwart God’s Plan for Your Life
As singles, it's so importance that we stay on track and not lose focus with God's will and ultimate plan[...]
Will You Give Him Your All This Year?
Jesus loves you more than anything, and wants to be your every thing. Sometimes, even as Christians we give God[...]
Let Time Tell on a Person
While the Bible denotes no set timetable as far as how long a couple should date before marriage, practical wisdom[...]
Charge It!
Today marks the last day of Black Friday Weekend Madness. Starting the Friday after Thanksgiving including today, folks from all[...]
Featured Daily Devotional: “I’se Married Now!”
"I'se married now!"  "I'se married now!" Famous lines belted by Sug from The Color Purple. We all could relate to[...]
How To Express Love Without Sex
When in a dating relationship, as it progresses and feelings grow stronger, the two involved eventually express a desire to[...]
If Boaz Knocked On Your Door Today Would You Be Ready?
If Boaz knocked on your door today and asked for your hand in marriage would you be ready? Not saying[...]
How To Get GOD’S Husband For You (Featured Daily Devotional for Single Women)
God loves you so much that He promises to never leave you nor forsake you. The awesome thing about God's[...]
3 Ways To Tell if your Relationship is NOT of God
You may have heard the saying before, that you want to make sure that someone or something is "of God." [...]
Who’s REALLY Your Everything?
The following is one of my daily devotional emails that I'm featuring as a blog to give you a sample[...]
Believing God for a Mate? No Naming and Claiming PEOPLE!
Watch Video httpv:// Recommended Reading:  How To Date and Stay Saved 
10 Reasons Women Settle in Relationships
          We all know these women - they settle for relationships where they're being abused physically[...]
Is it Your Season To Date?
Watch Video Webisode 3 as Kim talks about Christian Dating and due seasons httpv:// Recommended Reading:  How To Date and[...]
Dating = Data
The purpose of Christian dating as described in my new book, How to Date and Stay Saved, is to discover,[...]
Pastor Donnie McClurkin’s Advice to Singles
Watch Video:httpv:// Reading:  How To Date and Stay Saved 
Ladies, Tired of Waiting to be ‘Chosen’?
httpv:// Recommended Reading:  The Little Black Survival Book  for Single Saints (especially the Chapter on, Impatience)
Saved with a Sex Appetite?
Question:  When you get saved, does your appetite for sex just magically disappear? Find answer in this video  
Christopher ‘Play’ Martin talks about Sex, Singles, and the Church
I recently caught up with Christopher 'Play' Martin, 1/2 of the dynamic duo from the late 80's and 90's, Kid[...]
VIDEO: 5 Questions for Kim Brooks
Watch Video as Kim discusses singles issues, marriage, divorce, and whether or not abstinence 'til marriage is truly a realistic[...]
Kim Brooks Free Book Launch Concert w/Kiwi and Jay and Jay Soul
Watch Video: httpv:// Sunday June 13th 2010 5:00pm - 8:00pm 111 E. Kirby St. (across from DIA) FREE REFRESHMENTS FREE[...]
What’s the Purpose of Christian Dating?
Kim Brooks gives the purpose of Christian dating as described in her new book, How to Date and Stay Saved[...]
Know Your Value and Worth BEFORE Marriage
One of the wives' from the married couples I interviewed for the last chapter of my self help book, ,[...]
Bishop Hezekiah Walker Gives His Take on How To Date and Stay Saved
I had the pleasure of interviewing Bishop Hezekiah Walker about his take on the subject of my new book, How[...]
Do You Love AND Trust Him?
It's possible to be in a relationship with someone and love him, but not trust him.  Especially if that trust[...]
Sex Outside of Marriage is No Big Deal for Christians?
Yesterday I was honored to be a guest on Sharvette Mitchell's online radio show and a man asked the question[...]
How To Tell If He’s The One In 4 Dates Or Less
You know you don't like him. You know you're only going out with him because he's cute and saved. Aside[...]
Stay Prayed Up!
As single believers, we need to be prayed up so we don't fall into temptation or a snare. Honestly, when[...]
The Best Lover
Today I want talk about the best lover in the world.  This man is so good to you, I mean[...]
It’s Good Friday – Jesus Endured, Will You?
Today is Good Friday - the day we, Christians, observe Christ's final step of obedience to the Father in dying[...]
Speak Over Yourself
Sometimes, as singles, it can be pretty easy to feel a little - "less than." You may feel sad, discouraged,[...]
Have Right Relationships – Right Now
Out of all the 12 married couples that I interviewed for my newest book, How To Date and Stay Saved[...]
True Humility Defined – is it always Your Way or Yahweh?
This morning, during my morning devotional time with the Lord, I began reading the book of Esther. While most remember[...]
New Book – How to Date and Stay Saved by Kim Brooks
I've heard you! For the past 5 years I've been ministering to singles and one of my most popular workshops[...]
Believe Again in 2010!
A video clip aired recently on ABC Nightline stating that 70% of black women are single and that there are[...]
Dr. King and Coretta – 2 Destinies, 1 Dream
Did you know that Coretta Scott King initially didn't like Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. because she thought he was too[...]
Boo-less This Christmas?
*Call an out of town relative you haven't spoken to all year and tell him or her, "I love you."[...]
Seasons Change – Will You? 8 Ways…
Fall is here! Fall is one of my favorite seasons because I get to enjoy the beauty of God's creations[...]
Strength to Wait
As single Christians, it is so important that we not grow weary while waiting. Some of you have been believing[...]
Saved and Lonely?
Lonely and single?  Lonely, single and saved?  How to not be lonely as a single Christian: Watch video: httpv:// Recommended[...]
Gospel singer Antwaun Stanley sings live with Larry W. Robinson
Larry W. Robinson of interviews Stellar-nominated gospel artist Antwaun Stanley who was a featured psalmist at my 30th birthday[...]
Singles – What About "The List?"
              httpv:// Do you have a list? How long is it? What's on it?[...]
It’s HOT! Lord, Help Me Keep my Clothes On!
(note: this newsletter was originally published on a hot summer's day in the 'D' - Detroit :0) Summer is here![...]
7 Best Dating Tips for Christian Singles
1. Seek friendship first in a relationship. Next to both of your relationships with God, seek friendship with your significant[...]
5 Things to Look for in a Husband
1. He may be fine, but make sure that man is saved! Single Christian women should make sure that their[...]
Practice Commitment Now – Before you say, ‘I Do’
News Flash! Breaking News! Marriage is all about commitment. It's not about the wedding cake, the guests, and get this, it's[...]
Sweet Contentment
Some people think their lives would be so much better if only they had a spouse. Some feel like if[...]
Don’t Get Caught up in the HOW!
 A lot of times, when we're believing God for a mate, we get caught up in the "How" of it all.[...]
He’s Fine…But is He Saved?
A lot of times, ladies, when it comes to the opposite sex, we can get a little caught up in looks.[...]
I’m Tired of Waiting on the Lord!
            As single believers, how many times do you hear this: "Don't worry, honey, God[...]
Complete in Christ
Some singles believe their life is lacking or incomplete because of the absence of a spouse. Some may feel God[...]
Delight in Him and Watch God Move!
A lot of people may be familiar with the following Scripture: Delight thyself also in the LORD; and he shall give[...]
Springtime Love! Where’s Mine?
It's springtime! Birds are chirping, the sun is shining, and love is in the air. Couples are walking hand-in-hand, sharing[...]
How To Leave the Past at the Altar
We all make mistakes. Some of us can look back at past relationships and say, "now THAT was NOT GOD!"[...]
Ever ask, “Lord, Why Am I Still Single?”
Some single Christians struggle with the fact that they're still single. No, I'm not talking about when you're at church, shouting[...]
Don’t Go There With Your Mind
When it comes to the things of God and the desire for a mate, some of us want one like yesterday.[...]
Dr. King and Coretta – 2 Destinies, 1 Dream
Did you know that Coretta Scott King initially didn't like Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. because she thought he was[...]
Mr. Saved Ain’t Always Mr. For Real
He comes to church every Sunday. He sits in the same seat in the third row on the right side of[...]
Lord, Where’s My Mate?
Have you ever cried out to God like that? "Lord, where is my mate?!" Have you ever been mad at[...]
Are You REALLY Trusting God?
Most of you are familiar with this famous passage of Scripture: Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and[...]
Let Expectation Fuel Your Faith
Expectation fuels your faith. Faith requires action, while expectation is the reaction to the action. Faith is the belief in[...]
Forget the Past and Press On!
God has an expected end for you. God desires to give you hope in your final outcome. Just because a[...]
Lord, When Will I Be Chosen?
As single believers, a lot of us desire to be chosen by our mates. You may have friends who are now[...]
How To Love Like Jesus in Relationships
“For God so loved the world that He gave . . . “ - 9 powerful words in John 3:16[...]
When to Apologize
No one wants to admit when they’re wrong. A lot of times, when it comes to interpersonal communication, it is always[...]
Would You Date Jesus?
Picture this: A friend of yours sets you up on a blind date. You normally don't do blind dates, but[...]
Alone But Not Alone
Is it possible to be alone, but not alone? Or alone, but not lonely? Sometimes it seems like every waking day[...]
3 Ways to Keep Your Joy Tank on Full
(Please note:  This was originally published in the summertime) It's summertime and it looks like gas is going up again.[...]