Can’t hear him on the vid?  Here’s a written transcript of what he’s saying:

“This is Canton Jones here,   For one you gotta set
up barriers before you even get in a situation.  You know you can’t go into a room
with the person that you’re attracted to, ya know, and expect to…to…to study the
Word of God – it ain’t gone happen, so you might as well keep it real.

‘Cuz you can’t go in there watching certain type of movies or listening
to certain type of music, and I’m talking to saved people -don’t put your
flesh under that kind of pressure –   you gotta get yourself, you know what I’m sayin’,
a way of escape.

Date with other strong couples.  Don’t date, watch this, don’t be unequally yoked,
a’ight, that means you gotta date with somebody that’s strong or stronger than
you to keep you out of compromising situations, a’ight?

And last but not least, if you get stuck run! Run! Run Ruuuun fast! a’ight
Just like a fire escape you know how like when a fire takes place you know
where all the exits are, the emergency exits?  You already know…run…alright,
because she’s too beautiful or he’s too fine for you to try to ya know think you got
that much Holy Ghost in you….uh uh…don’t do it, don’t do it…don’t put yourself
in compromising situations, a’ight?  This is C.J.,
love you, keepin it real.”

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