The term, “shacking,” has been used for decades, and it still regains a big debate within the church, especially among Christian singles and more recently mentioned on the new reality show, the as Deitrick Haddon spoke at dinner with Bishop Ron Gibson regarding him and his fiance’ Dominique.

While most agree that sex before marriage, or fornication, is sin, the Bible actually does specifically mention, or answers the questions: “Is shacking a sin?” and “Is it a sin to shack up?”

  1 Corinthians 7:1 states, Now concerning the things whereof ye wrote unto me: It is good for a man not to touch a woman.

The word, touch, in this passage of Scripture is translated from the Greek word, haptomai, which means of carnal intercourse with a woman or cohabitation.
Also, the Amplified Bible puts 1 Corinthians 7:1 this way:
Now as to the matters of which you wrote me. It is well [and by that I mean advantageous, expedient, profitable, and wholesome] for a man not to touch a woman [to cohabit with her] but to remain unmarried.
So, in essence, to cohabit means to live together, or… to shack…so…sorry, though many may have tried to justify shackin’ up as “Okay as long as we’re actually not doing it” (when, if you were really honest with yourself you would know that generally those who live together sleep together and are having sex) it’s not acceptable in the sight of God according to His Word.
God places expectations on us to protect us.
Scripture reminds us with the question: Can a man take fire to his bosom and not be burned? (Proverbs 26:7) A man (or woman for that matter) who lives with and sees regularly the person he or she is physically and spiritually attracted to is prone to slip up and have sex. So instead of continuously having sex on Saturday night only to repent at the altar at church on Sunday morning, instead you can walk in freedom by avoiding compromising situations or by avoiding placing yourself in a situation where the flesh can have its way at any time.
Besides, it’s more honorable for both God’s son and daughter to do it the right way and date in public as much as possible to encourage dialogue and collect data to get to know each so you can discover, through prayer, and through the leading of the Holy Spirit, whether or not the person you are consistently and exclusively dating has the potential to be your spouse.
So instead of trying to look for loop holes or ways to walk on that thin tight rope without falling off, let’s continue in God’s will and follow God’s way which only leads to peace, true happiness, healing and lifelong love the way God intended.

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Kim Brooks, author of bestselling novels, She That Findeth, He\'s Fine...But is He Saved? and more.

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