You may be praying in the Spirit and going weeks without falling into sexual sin, but then the next thing you know, seemingly out of the blue, here comes this fine sister with everything you like and all the right curves just how you like them asking for your phone number.

Know that satan knows your weakness, ladies and gentlemen, and even during periods of sincere consecration he will send exactly what you like right in front of your face in order to tempt you.

Remember, satan tempted Jesus in the wilderness after Jesus fasted 40 days. What’s the first thing a man wants after having not eaten 40 days straight – food! So the next thing you know Jesus is in the wilderness with satan and the first thing satan tries to tempt Jesus with is challenging Him to turn stones into bread so He could eat (Matthew 4:2-3)

In the same manner, you may have gone 40 days without sex, you may have read this book and said you were going to read at least a Scripture a day and pray for at least 30 minutes each morning, but on the 41st day here comes that old boyfriend calling, asking if he can come over. Know that at your weakest point, satan may send you something that may look good to the eye, but is totally bad for you.

For every temptation sent your way, know that God will always create a way of escape for you (1 Corinthians 10:13).

Don’t even allow the enemy to open any doors in your life,

Close any and all doors immediately.

Do not call that ex back and definitely do not stop by and visit, I don’t care how much you try and convince yourself that you just want to go over there and have Bible study. Again, don’t trust yourself.

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