Driven Light Productions LLC DBA Kim Brooks Presents is a black woman owned media and production company headquartered in Detroit, MI. Owned by National Bestselling Author, Kim Brooks, it produces high quality family-friendly productions featuring mainly Detroit talent. Born and raised in Detroit, Brooks knows about the challenges of growing up in the inner city but was able to overcome them through faith in God, a supportive inner circle of family and friends and by being an outlier by establishing standards and boundaries early on in life as a young woman growing up during the budding rap culture era. A graduate of Renaissance High, Michigan State University and Word of Faith Bible Training Center, Brooks went on to have published traditionally through major New York publishing houses as well as self-published six paperback books (three of them novels), along with more eBooks in order to encourage and inspire her readers and audiences comprised of mainly single Africa-American women with love struggles similar to her own. Her books opened doors for her to speak at churches, organizations and schools across the country and be featured in several media publications and a host of radio and television appearances locally and nationwide. She also publishes an eNewsletter and daily devotional emails to single women which reach over 10,000 globally and have done so for over fifteen years. As an entrepreneur Brooks hosted speed dating events and ballroom mixers for local singles over the years as well as hosted a 5-day singles cruise to Jamaica pre-Covid January 2019 which was well attended and appreciated by singles from fifteen States and two countries, Paris and the UK. As founder of singles support group of over 36,000 women members, Brooks has decided to continue to serve her audience by way of adapting some of her work onto the stage and film to captivate wider audiences and further highlight her creativity.

Brooks’ first production is stage-play adaptation of her #1 Bestselling novel, “He’s Fine…But is He Saved?” which was a nationwide Bestseller for months. It first published December, 2004 and was picked up re-released by BET Books in 2007 when it then became a Bestseller with Black Expressions Book Club for two months in a row. The professional stage play is scheduled to take place at the beautiful 1,200 seat Michael Guido Theater inside Henry Ford Complex in Dearborn, MI and will run for two nights on Sweetest Day weekend – Saturday, October 21, 2023 and Sunday, October 22, 2023 and featuring Detroit as well as recognizable National celebrity talent and musicians.

Written and Produced by Kim Brooks and Directed by Detroit’s legendary veteran director, TJ Hemphill (“Perilous Times”) along with a highly targeted promotional campaign reaching over 834,800 by way of radio Ads, social media and email marketing, it is sure to be well attended and enjoyed by all.

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