As we embark upon the weekend preceding the 4th
of July, I’m reminded of the fact that this holiday is
a celebration of freedom.  It denotes the time when
the colonists decided to break free from Great Britain’s
rule, regulations and taxes and declare
America an independent country free to govern and
maintain itself.

Within the Declaration of Independence, it states:
We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men
are created equal, that they are endowed by their
Creator with certain unalienable rights, that
among these are life, liberty and the
pursuit of

As a Christian, I am thankful for the freedom I have in Christ Jesus.

Jesus came so that I might have life, and that more abundantly.
Because I have been made free in Him no longer and I held in
bondage to the enemy’s tricks and tactics.  I’m free to be all
God predestined me to be, even before the foundation of the world.

When the enemy thought he had my hand, God had a plan.

The liberty I have in Jesus, because of His shed blood, lets
me know that I have been made free from sickness, free from
disease (or “dis-ease”), free from fear, and free from anything that
disturbs my peace; thank God I’m drama free!

While it is true I have freedom as a Christian and as an American
citizen, I’m also thankful for my current freedom as a single believer.

As a single Christian, I am free to come and go as  I please
while answering to no one but God.  I can travel the world and
live my dreams with no one to discourage me or hold me back.
I can enjoy time with family, friends and those who truly matter
in my life, and I can ration my time any way I choose and be as
productive as I can possibly be without any hindrances,
distractions, or disturbances.

While I look forward to that great day when I shall celebrate
oneness with my spouse, I embrace the fact that I am already
whole and complete now, as a single believer, and I live life to
the fullest in the present while pursuing happiness in Christ
and all the freedoms which come right along with it.

So this Independence Day, I’d like to encourage you to celebrate
the three ways in which you’ve been made free:  Free as an
American citizen, free as a Christian, and free as a single

Hallelujah!  Thank God you’re free!

Scripture References:
John 10:10
Jeremiah 1:5
Genesis 50:20
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Kim Brooks, author of bestselling novels, She That Findeth, He\'s Fine...But is He Saved? and more.

Published by Kim Brooks

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