Change Gon’ Come

Most people don’t like change. Whether it’s changing from having a job, to not having a job, being married, to divorced and now single again, suffering the loss of a loved one, or even breaking up from a relationship when you just knew he or she was, “The One.” Change is inevitable. Some things in life we […]

Is Shacking in the Bible?

The term, “shacking,” has been used for decades, and it still regains a big debate within the church, especially among Christian singles and more recently mentioned on the new reality show, the as Deitrick Haddon spoke at dinner with Bishop Ron Gibson regarding him and his fiance’ Dominique. While most agree that sex before marriage, […]

The Movie Baggage Claim Review

So last night I went to see the movie Baggage Claim which is about a single lady just shy of 30 who attempts to find love in the friendly skies within 30 days so she can beat her younger sister to the altar. I knew who the main protagonist’s character, Montana Moore, would end up […]