Dating = Data

The purpose of Christian dating as described in my new book, How to Date and Stay Saved, is to discover, through prayer, the leading of the Holy Spirit, and through gathering information whether or not the person you are consistently and exclusively dating has the potential to be your spouse.
One of the ways you can discover if the person you’re dating could be your spouse is by gathering information – or data.

Do You Love AND Trust Him?

It’s possible to be in a relationship with someone and love him, but not trust him. Especially if that trust has been violated, such as in the case of adultery within a marriage or even a dating relationship where someone has not been totally honest in certain situations.

Strength to Wait

As single Christians, it is so important that we not grow weary while waiting. Some of you have been believing God for years or even decades for a mate and you’re wondering, “Where’s my mate, Lord?” and, “What happened?” You may have grown frustrated, blamed yourself, blamed others, or even blamed God for not sending you your Boaz …

Saved and Lonely?

Lonely and single?  Lonely, single and saved?  How to not be lonely as a single Christian: Watch video: Recommended Reading:  The Little Black Survival Book for Single Saints  (especially the Chapter on overcoming Loneliness)   Kim Brooks, author of bestselling novels, She That Findeth, He\’s Fine…But is He Saved? and more.