What is Gospel Speed Dating?

Gospel Speed Dating is a series of one-on-one mini-introductions of Christians of the opposite sex in a fun, pressure free and alcohol free environment.  Since the purpose of dating is to collect “data,” gospel speed dating is an opportunity to receive 3-5 minutes worth of data about different individuals and if a connection is made and there is an equal, “match,” then the conversation continues after the event.  Either way, it’s an opportunity to meet new people and interact with fellow brothers and sisters in Christ and, if nothing else, possibly gain a new friend.

To contact Kim Brooks to facilitate and host a Gospel Speed Dating event as an addition to your singles conference or a separate event for Christian singles, email [email protected] with subject line: Gospel Speed Dating

Recommending reading for Gospel Speed Dating guests:  How To Date and Stay Saved by Kim Brooks

Live Footage from Gospel Speed Dating Plus Event in Detroit on Sweetest Day October 15, 2011

Pics from Gospel Speed Dating Plus 2011

Gospel Speed Dating in full effect                        Getting ready for ballroom lessons

Ballroom dancers for Jesus                                Audience enjoys comedian Mic Larry

Kim addresses attendees


Gospel Speed Dating Plus Video Promo

Shout Out To Online Fam Who Attended Gospel Speed Dating

What Makes it GOSPEL Speed Dating?

Gospel Speed Dating in Action 2010