It’s been almost two years since Michelle Williamson’s boyfriend, Pierre Dupree, walked out on her to marry a minister’s daughter. Since then, Michelle’s friendship with her church buddy David has deepened into something sweet and special, but learning that Pierre has called off his wedding throws her into confusion. When Pierre wants Michelle back, she’s forced to make a choice—one she may regret.Liz Coleman has two great blessings—her calling as a minister, and a saved man who truly loves her. But Liz’s insecurity and jealousy are eating at her peace of mind and threatening her relationship.Sandy has found the strength to get her ex out of her life. But meeting a loving, spiritual man to replace him isn’t easy, and soon her loneliness leads her to the one brother who should be off-limits….With their hearts and souls on the line, Michelle, Liz and Sandy are learning that a good, saved man isn’t always easy to find—but he’s definitely worth waiting for….

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From the author:  This book was written due to popular demand from readers wanting to read more of what happens to the three main characters; Sandy, Liz and Michelle.


Wehl… Liz ends up accepting her ministry calling as an Evangelist and dates Minister Matthew Long, but Liz’s own issues and insecurities may cause her to lose the one man she ever thought was worth loving…

Michelle thought Mr. Pierre Dupree was out of her life forever once he announced his engagement to Erika, until Michelle finds out that Pierre called off the wedding and now he has his eyes set on her again yet she’s currently dating David!  Who does she choose?  Or does she end up losing them both?

Sandy…Lawdhammercy Sandy is off the chain in this book…she gets tired of being rejected by men in the church and sets her sights on the one man who should be off-limits…

Check out these excerpt snippets from random chapters:


Pierre used his free hand to shush my lips. “Shhh,” he said, “Don’t say another word, Michelle Williamson.” 

I couldn’t do anything but just stare at him. It was like he had me in a trance. With that, he added, “I’m willing to fight for you, girl.”


 . . . Liz noticed that all of the patient prayer seekers were women – women who knew very well that Minister Matthew Long was an unmarried minister.


“I’d rather burn in hell with my man than go through the rest of my life all alone!”


I was waiting to hear something – anything ; I needed a Word from God.


“Sandy, chile, if you walk out of that door right now, don’t plan on coming back!”


“. . . I can’t take any more of this foolishness. Michelle, girl, let’s go! I’m about to lose my religion up in here, these folks is driving me crazy!”

Here are what some readers have to say about it:
“Now this is a sequel!”  -Outspoken Diva, Dallas, TX
“One of the best books I have ever read!  From start to finish as you read each chapter you are always wondering what will happen next?”  -Terri
“Great sequel!” -S. Simmons, Anderson, SC

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