Singles, Overcome! (eBook)

About The Book 

This miniature yet POWERFUL eBook teaches, through a down-to-earth delivery and relevant Scriptures, how to overcome some of the challenges single Christians may face on a daily basis

Inside you’ll discover

-Life-changing freedom while discovering how to overcome feelings of loneliness, jealousy
and insecurities you may not even be aware of.

-how to walk in true forgiveness for your ex and others.

-How to handle sexual temptations so they don’t have you and so you can overcome and
beat the devil every time.

-How to activate the fruit of patience in your life so you can have a fulfilling life while single
and while in expectation of the best God has for you in the form of a mate.

What Others Say About It 

“This eBook is a must have for singles dealing with loneliness, impatience, sexual struggles, and all the pressures of the world. The Scriptures and prayers included in this book give me the strength to continue on the journey that God has for me with joy.” -C. Hunt

“This book is a single believer’s dream come true! It lifted my spirits, encouraged my soul, and caused me to grow in my relationship with God.”-K. Monts

“The Little Black Survival Book for Single Saints really ministers to me and reminds me of God’s love and His promises for me as a single Christian. Excellent read!” -Veda C.

“The Little Black Survival Book for Single Saints encouraged and edified me tremendously! Excellent book!” -Ed Gray

“The Little Black Survival Book for Single Saints is something single believers should have and read continuously in order to stay motivated, inspired, and victorious. I highly recommend this book.” -D. Lynch

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