Is It A Sin To Masturbate? (eBook)

About The Book 

Gain peace of mind and a clear conscience after reading this in-depth, Scripturally based
eBook on masturbation and what the Bible says regarding whether or not it is a sin to masturbate
and how to walk in true freedom in Christ. Get answers from the Bible, receive clarity and
find comfort in related Scriptures that reveal the truth about masturbation.

Inside you’ll discover

-A Biblical approach to tackling this “hush hush” subject within the church.  Yes, the Bible has
much to say about it; when examined thoroughly and in the proper context.

-5 steps to walking in total freedom from sexual sins.  Steps that can all be implemented
immediately after reading the eBook.

-An examination of the spilled seed theory that some churches have used to justify masturbation
as sin and whether or not this assessment is accurate.

-the true “master” in masturbation and what to do about it.

-Additional resources to assist with overcoming other sexual addictions including pornography
and more.

What Others Say About It

“Thank you for blessing the people of God with this book….. This information is such a blessing
to me as a single young Christian woman but is also a blessing to the body of Christ…. I have always
wondered about this subject but now i have the scriptural info to help me and others…. Thank you
and God bless you!” -Kimesia

“Well written and very clear.” -David

“This was amazing. I read it in less than an hour while taking notes. She gives clear teachings on a
subject most church leaders shy away from but needs to be taught. The 5 ways to Freedom are
achievable and she gives the best ways on how to be free. Praise God for correction,
thanks.”  -Toya

“Thanking the authors for the clarity of God’s word. I hope many many more christian single people
will read this book.”  -Anonymous reviewer

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