How To Date and Stay Saved (Autographed)

About The Book

Discover secrets to dating God’s way while still enjoying a loving, fulfilling relationship.

This book, deemed the official Christian dating instruction manual for Christian singles by utilizing God’s Word, practical solutions and personal examples, reveals the following how to tell whether or not the person you’re dating is truly the one for you, what to look for in a godly mate, 2 things you must always do at all times while Christian dating, 5 ways to tame “the beast” known as the flesh, how to be abstinent and still satisfied while Christian dating (even if you weren’t abstinent in the past) and 5 ways to true intimacy (or ways to prove love) without sex.

Be enlightened, inspired and encouraged by the divine gems shared in this book that also includes testimonies from 12 married couples who, in spite of their sexual histories, were abstinent with each other until marriage and are now happily married – and since God is not a respecter of persons; if He did it for them, He can do it for you!

Inside you’ll discover:

*How to date God’s way, and in His proper order.

*5 ways to tame the beast known as the flesh.

*How to be abstinent and still satisfied while dating, even if you weren’t abstinent in the past.

*2 things you should always do while dating to determine if he or she is The One.

*5 ways to intimacy without sex.

*The danger of marrying someone just for sex.

*Over 40 creative dating spots for Christian couples.

Using the Word of God along with down-to-earth solutions and personal examples, this book
outlines how to date AND ‘stay saved’ (or how to remain abstinent until marriage)

Total:  199 pages

What others say about it

“I got my book yesterday and I am at chapter 5. I have already laughed and cried and received strength in my walk. Thank you!” -Kalyn

“I read the entire book in two days. Don’t let just the title fool you, this book is packed with biblical truths about simply walking in the Will of God while we are singles. Loved every page of it!” -Crystal Wilburn

“I really enjoyed this book, and would like to purchase a copy for my boyfriend…once I started reading this book, the more I wanted to keep reading. The book was very insightful, and interesting, but it was straight to the point, pulling no punches.

This book made me realize that I need to alter my thoughts and thinking on certain issues, and it gave me great insight and advice on how to handle certain issues, and how to avoid being caught in certain situations. I learned a lot but it also made me realize that i still have a lot to learn.

Overall it was a great read and a wonderfully written book! I really enjoyed the testimonials and advice given by the married couples at the end. It made me feel confident and encouraged with my daily struggles, while dating and trying to stay saved. It felt good to read, and learned that I am not the only person who gets weakened by the flesh, and this book gave me great alternatives to try while dating and pursuing my purpose.

Thank you for this book, it was truly a gift, and it has definitely enlightened me.

I have purchased many books in the past, with the intent on reading them because of great reviews, but this book was really a great read, it kept me interested, and I gained a lot of knowledge. I am proud to say i read this book from cover to cover and it was very well written and easy to follow and understand.”  -Jacquelin Mungin

“Kim Brooks’ love for God’s Word and for men and women of God is apparent in her latest work…sound advice…a guide to all who seek not only God’s way of dating but the most successful way. If you read this book, and apply its words, you will have the skills you need to find love without the heartache, games, and drama sagas.” -Christine Pembleton, author and marriage expert

“Kim Brooks brings her mastery of writing to the non-fictional topic of dating, where she grabs you by the hand and delves into the true elements of Christian dating from a biblical perspective sliced with her own personal triumphs and challenges. Kim awakens the reader to the heart of God and to the true meaning of Christian dating. ” – Ed Houston, author of, Single and Living Free

“Very helpful.”
-K. H.

“It blessed me!”
S. Thomas -Southfield, MI

“When my wife and I dated, God abstained us from having premarital sex. If one really believes that the person they are about to marry is precious in God’s sight, then honor that man or woman of God and keep yourself pure before marriage… I knew my wife was the one for me so I didn’t want to disrespect God or my wife’s body so we waited for marriage. I am so glad we waited!” -Shon Hyneman author of, It’s The Woman You Gave Me

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