1.  What is an eBook?

An eBook (short for electronic book) as defined by the Oxford Dictionary of English, is “an electronic version of a printed book which can be read on a personal computer or hand-held device designed specifically for this purpose.”  eBooks are usually read on a dedicated device known as an e-Reader (which is downloadable for free on www.Adobe.com) or eBook devices. Personal computers and smartphones can also be used to read eBooks as, in most cases, they already come with an eReader installed on the device.

2.  How do I download my eBook once purchased?

Once purchased you will be automatically forwarded to a “Thank You” page that will provide download instructions.  On your Paypal receipt that was emailed to you, it will have a passcode number which you will use to click on the purchased image on the “Thank You” page and then enter the passcode.  As soon as you enter the passcode, you will have immediate access to the digital product purchased.

3.  I downloaded the product, but switched, somehow lost or forgot to save it to my computer or cell phone and no longer have access to my eBook.  Can I get it back? 

If you purchased an item then lost it for whatever reason, all you have to do is forward the actual receipt then explain what happened in an email sent to kimbrooks@kimontheweb.com and someone will re-send the digital product to you.

4.  When do physical products, like autographed books, ship?

Physical products ship within 3 – 5 business days via U.S. Postal Service’s first class mail.  Digital products such as MP3’s audio books and eBooks are made available immediately once payment is received online.

5.  What if I wanted to order an autographed book online as a gift for someone else.  Can I have it autographed in someone else’s name?

If you would like to order the book as a gift autographed especially to someone else, please be sure and fill out the “Note to Buyer” section when purchasing and include the name of the person you would like the book autographed to.  If your order does not specify a name to be autographed to then it will be autographed to the buyer’s name.

6.  Do physical products ship internationally?

Currently there are no international orders on physical products however international customers are encouraged to purchased digital products such as eBooks which contain the same information.

7.  What’s the advantage of ordering this book as an eBook versus ordering it as a physical book?

eBooks are received immediately so there is no waiting for a physical book to be shipped. eBooks are also typically less expensive than the physical book. On this website, ordering, How To Date and Stay Saved as an eBook is 50% less than the retail price of the physical book and there are no shipping costs. If you’d like to read this book today and don’t mind not being able to receive an autographed, physical book, then you may want to consider ordering this book as an eBook today.

8.  Why should I order books on this website when I can purchase them from a bookstore?

Books purchased through the bookstore will not be personally autographed in your name.  Also, if the bookstore does not currently carry the book but will have to order it, it could take 7 days before it arrives at their store.

9.  Are all of Kim Brooks’ books for just women or can men read and benefit from them, too?

Though Kim Brooks’ non-fiction books are written from a woman’s perspective as the author gives her own personal examples and speaks largely to women, men can also learn from the Scriptures and information shared in the books – also, both the men and women featured in How To Date and Stay Saved’s final chapter (the 12 married couples who remained abstinent with each other until marriage) give advice to Christian couples and single men and women.  Men have also been known to enjoy Kim’s novels as well as they’re not the typical “male bashing” books and male readers pick which male characters they see themselves in as well.

10.  Are books and eBooks by Kim Brooks available any where else online?

Yes, books and eBooks by Kim Brooks are also available on Amazon.com (to read on Kindle) or BarnesandNoble.com (to read on Nook) and currently only her novel, She That Findeth, is also available on iBooks.  Please note that physical books purchased on those sites will not be autographed.

11.  Who do I contact if I have other questions about any thing on this online store?

Click Contact Us for further information.

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