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    As a licensed minister to singles, mainly single women, for the last thirteen years, and also
as the administrator of private Facebook support group for women, “Single, Saved and Celibate
with Kim Brooks” for the last four years, I noticed something a lot of women have in common
when it comes to prayer requests and needs. In addition to prayers for a husband, many
struggle financially, living paycheck to paycheck and also suffer from health issues whether physical or mental health and feel no form of support in these areas. 

    While I go live and pray every week for prayer requests inside the group, I asked God for
a solution to help His daughters become whole and complete in every area of life, more than just spiritually but also physically and financially as well.

    The Word of God in III John 2 how God desires we prosper and be in good health, even as our soul prospers, so God cares how we, His children, fare in our health and finances just as much as He cares about our souls. And just because we’re single now doesn’t mean we have to struggle in these areas.

    For these reasons, I believe God led me to an opportunity that provides an answer to prayer.
It’s through a company I was introduced to last year called OnDoc which provides 24/7 health care access through your very own board certified doctor via cell phone or video chat. You don’t have to leave home to access a doctor, nurse, pediatrician, or even a therapist for mental health as well.

    The doctors can write prescriptions and also provide doctor's notes if necessary for your job or child’s school  for missed time off. It’s convenient, fast and affordable, and unfortunately because of the outbreak of the current Coronavirus epidemic, it is now necessary.

    I personally have used OnDoc on several occasions, the first time was when I came back from hosting my first singles cruise January, 2019 and had a cold and laryngitis upon returning to a winter storm in Michigan after having been in Jamaica. I used my OnDoc membership to get a doctor on the phone who sent a prescription for prednisone to my local CVS down the street and I was able to pick it up and my voice was back shortly thereafter.

    I also used OnDoc when I had flu symptoms a few months ago and my doctor on
the phone sent a prescription for Tamiflu, something else that is available through prescription only, to my local pharmacy that I picked up in minutes. Your personal doctor can also provide a professional second opinion and go over your medications with you and make suggestions concerning your health plan.

    In addition, if you have children, your OnDoc membership covers them as well as it covers membership for not just you but also your entire household.

    All this for only $1 a day as a customer, and if you sign up as a member for just $5 more per month, then those you share this with opportunity with and then they sign up through you, and then you will get paid residually each month, that's an additional income while you sleep!  No longer do you have to just rely on  your job as your only source of income, which we all know is translated, Just Over Broke, now you can earn an additional income stream to allow you to achieve some of your financial goals and dreams and build wealth while, at the same time, improving your health!  True level up! 

    And since I am now committed to your success in every area of life while single (not just spiritual) I have created a private support group for both members and customers of OnDoc who sign up through me using this link, where we will support each other and hold each other accountable in our health (whether it’s weight loss or healthier lifestyle goals) and in our wealth (whether it’s getting out of debt, having enough to enjoy life and build wealth for a secure financial future, or just having enough extra cash on hand to really enjoy life on your own terms instead of living paycheck to paycheck) to assist, professional financial coach, healthy lifestyle advocate and Christian therapist have agreed to be members of the group and official residential contributors who will provide their expertise as well to help you meet your goals and have a good quality of life along the way. 

    In addition, I am committed to training you, personally, on how to make an additional $1,000 per month income stream, this year, through your new OnDoc business should you choose to sign up as a member (which is way easy now because of social media). I'll provide you with sample posts you can simply copy and paste, training sessions and sessions for the sake of accountability; there is no limit as to how much you can make! 

    It’s 2020, and though we’ve gotten off to a rocky start so far, the year’s definitely not over. The children of Israel had to go through the wilderness before they made it to the promised land, and I strongly believe that the enemy meant for evil, God will turn it around and make it good!  There's still time to turn this year around into something special and amazing!

    Remember, in order to get something different, you gotta do something different.  It's a new decade, time to try something new and get a new life!  Your real life as God intended!  The good thing is, you don't have to go it alone!  I and your sisters in Christ will all be rooting for you, along with God Himself who has more faith in you than you have in yourself. It's time! 

    It’s time to level up in every area of your life spiritually, physically, emotionally and financially, as we do life together inside our own private community support group of like-minded single sisters in Christ called, "Single, Saved and Leveling Up with Kim Brooks" exclusively for members and customers who sign up through Kim's team Level Up and their members and customers.  Let's build an army of single and saved women of God who not only know our worth but stand in being who we were predestined to be with the fruit to prove it! 

    Oh, and because of the current Coronavirus pandemic, and because OnDoc cares, OnDoc is running a special for new members and customers in that you receive your first month's membership for absolutely free using promo code ONDOCFREEDOM

    You must sign up with OnDoc by March 31, 2020 to receive your first full month's membership free, after that it will be only $30 or $35 per month depending on whether you sign up to be a customer or member, and in the wake of all that's going on in the middle of the world's pandemic right now, OnDoc is basically offering a free month of health care access so you can access a doctor from your cell or video chat at any time, 24/7 during this critical time of need where you are being encouraged to stay at home.  If you have any symptoms, have some questions, need a prescription, instead of googling only to find out misinformation, an actual board certified doctor will be there for you to answer your questions and provide peace of mind. Oh, and for that free month, once you sign up, you'll also get to enjoy a month free as a member inside Kim Brooks "Single Saved and Leveling Up with Kim Brooks" Facebook group as well, which goes into effect Saturday, March 28th 

    Sign up today so you can be on my team Level Up! 

    Also, if you're reading this and you're not a single woman, but are still interested, you can still sign up as a customer or member through me as well and take advantage of this special through here using promo code ONDOCFREEDOM at checkout for your free first month. 

    Whether or not you currently have health insurance or not, you can still become a member.

    OnDoc is a great for peace of mind if you don't have health insurance but want some type of
health care access available at your fingertips at any time, and it's great if you do have health insurance and are looking for a convenient option to save trips to the Dr. as you receive remote health care access for you and your entire household, including your children if applicable, at anytime.

    I do have to mention, though, that this is not health insurance but a monthly subscription based telehealth company that gives you remote access to board certified doctors, health care professionals and a bundled package of benefits including Teladoc, Doctors online, and Health Care Advocates and more, explained more here.  You can also cancel your membership at anytime. 

    Check out the following 7 minute video where I explain personally explain it here

    Check out quick 2 minute animated video that shows how it works here

    Don't sleep on this. Telehealth is the future of health care, and the future is now! So don't miss out on this opportunity before it blows up and you have regrets. Take control of your life now and do something different to change it for the better. Time to Level Up!

    I look forward to helping you in your journey as you level up in life starting this year!

Join us for special informational call with me and OnDoc leader, Veronica Hall
Thursday, March 19th, 2020  
7:00 pm EST via Zoom link: 


One tap mobile+19292056099,,4116505292# US
or you can Call in by dialing +1 929 205 6099
US Meeting ID: 411 650 5292

    Click the image below to check out the following video introduction from yours truly, and let's go!  




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