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3 Ways To Tell if your Relationship is NOT of God

You may have heard the saying before, that you want to make sure that someone or something is “of God.” What that basically means is making sure whether or not something has been ordered and sanctioned by God, Himself, and not part of your own doing.

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Who’s REALLY Your Everything?

I’m sure you’ve seen plenty movies or heard it said on many songs on the radio where the woman professes her love to her man by telling him, “You are my everything.”

While on the surface it sounds like a flattering compliment any man in a relationship would love to receive, however, if you’ve ever used this statement, you may want to really investigate your profession.

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10 Reasons Women Settle in Relationships

We all know these women – they settle for relationships where they’re being abused physically or verbally by men who don’t respect them or their feelings, yet they still choose to stay in the relationship. Some of us may even admit that this woman was us at one point. Today I’m led to share 10 reasons I believe women settle for less than God’s best for them in relationships. Feel free to add your input as well.

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Pastor Donnie McClurkin’s Advice to Singles

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Do You Love AND Trust Him?

It’s possible to be in a relationship with someone and love him, but not trust him. Especially if that trust has been violated, such as in the case of adultery within a marriage or even a dating relationship where someone has not been totally honest in certain situations.

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